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"Sometimes we are a little richer, sweeter, fatter than we need to be…this is a way to address ourselves and enjoy the richer-sweeter part of life…while getting rid of that fatter part that we don’t need!"

~Louise Mita,

Founder of Integrative Quantum Medicine TM

The objective of this IQM energetic clearing protocol (that includes 350 energetic corrections) as well as the diet that is provided ~ is to eat foods that will satisfy your nutritional needs, burn fat, gain muscle, increase energy levels and lose weight. 


According to Louise, "It is a result of my personal experimentation seeking the most efficient and painless way to eat healthy, not feel deprived and lose weight at the same time. Members of the TAO Energy Weight Management program have had excellent results from this! There is much room for flexibility with this diet; you won’t feel hungry nor do you have to buy certain foods or supplements or eat only rabbit food…and that’s why I like it…and that’s why it WORKS!!!"


The $400 start-up program includes:

  • an initial one hour IQM overall healing session to address underlying issues that affect weight management

  • a one hour IQM Momona energy healing session

  • a weekly eating plan

  • and your first month of weekly 15 minute check-ins

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Members of the Momona Weight Management Program will also be encouraged to participate in on-going weekly IQM tune-ups for $100 a month. 





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Looking forward to an Amazing 2022

with so much Big Healing Love for Everyone!

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